#1 Spanking Latex Skirt

Grin and bear it, in this raunchy spanking skirt. Four rear adjustable buckle straps fasten gaping rubber, leaving cheeks exposed for disciplinary action. With deceptive plain front, you naughty, naughty girl.

#2 Nipple Latex Bra

Complete with external nipples, this black rubber bra is the height of feminity. Knickers not included.

#3 Cupless Latex Basque with Suspenders

This sensual rubber bodysuit comes with suspender clips for you to attach stockings for your choice.

#4 Men's Open Latex Shorts

Dare to bare all in these eye catching black rubber open shorts. Made up of two separate pieces, shorts are open at back and front for compete liberation.

#5 Hooded Cape One-Size

Full-length cape with drawstring hood and arm slits. Available in transparent black or shiny black.

#6 Moulded Rubber Inflatable Rib Rider Dildo

This black rubber compound dildo is hygienic and modern. Attached via a tube to a controllable bulb hand pump to allow inflation/size increase after insertion or during penetration or play. Deflates easily for removal. Inflates to approx 22cm circumference

#7 Rubber Pants With Sheath

For those who pretend modesty, whilst still wanting to show off their wares, these moulded rubber sheath pants are the perfect simple alternative to the anatomical version. Let it all hang out in rubber, and just watch the girls and guys come running.

#8 Inflatable Transvestite Latex Bra

Luxury moulded black rubber bra with zip front, inflatable exaggerated bust and adjustable shoulder straps with buckles. Catsuit, gloves and hood not included.

#9 Rubber Suspender Open Crotch Panties

Stunning and sexy semi-transparent yellow and black rubber briefs with an open crotch, attached suspender straps and smooth black rubber trim - why not complete the look with the Yellow Rubber Halter Neck Bra?

#10 Seamless Rubber Internal Stimulant Hot Pants

Slide into these sleek and sexy high waisted Seamless Rubber Internal Stimulant Hot Pants. Show off your curvy rear whilst quietly stimulating yourself with the rippled moulded rubber bumps in the crotch area. Others would be none the wiser....