#1 Back Door Glide 100ml

Explore the back door... Pjur’s Back Door Glide is Honour’s choice for a reason, and a real standout lube when it comes to anal acts; whether you’re looking to explore fisting, sex or stretching. The addition of natural jojoba extracts help relax the anal sphincter, so you can remain at ease and enjoy the sensations of anal play. It’s safe to use with condoms and vegetarian-friendly. Try it today!

#2 Swiss Navy Premium Anal Silicone Lube

Make sure things always run smoothly with the Swiss Navy Premium Anal Silicone Lube. Swiss Navy’s goal using clove along with other high quality ingredients in it’s formula is to eliminate discomfort and increase pleasure. You’ll be begging for more time and time again thanks to this nifty lube.

#3 Analyse Me Glide 100ml

Don’t overanalyse it … just stick to Pjur’s Analyse Me Glide for some totally relaxed fun. All of the good feelings without any numbness, so you and your partner can both get satisfaction out of anal intercourse. Just wait for the natural jojoba extracts to work their soothing magic, and then you’ll be set to go. There’s no need to dull the sensations when there’s so much fun to be had!

#4 Male Cobeco Anal Relax Lube 250ml

For the more adventurous anal explorers, the Male Cobeco Anal Relax Lube has the potential to be your new favourite lubricant. It’s non-sticky, easy to remove, condom safe and especially developed for more extreme anal play. With it’s stimulation inhibitor effect and numbing sensation, it’s a lube you’d hope to have on your bedside table when you want to start pushing the boundaries.

#5 Premium Extreme Glide 100ml

Slip and slide with Pjur’s Premium Extreme Glide. Pjur have really hit the nail on the head when it comes to anal lubes, with their Premium Extreme Glide being a high end product for high level performance. It’s silicone formulation results in long lasting lubrication, so you can concentrate on more important things during your play sessions. It’s important that you protect your significant spot, and thanks to it’s skin moisturising properties, this lube is perfect for the job.