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  1. PVC Corsets - PVC Mesh Underbust Corset Black
    PVC Mesh Underbust Corset Bl..
    As low as $58.99
  2. Latex Corsets - Plus Size Bondage Latex Corset
    Plus Size Bondage Latex Cors..
    As low as $103.99
  3. PVC Corsets - Pink PVC Mesh Underbust Corset
    Pink PVC Mesh Underbust Cors..
    As low as $64.99
  4. Lingerie Corsets - Maids Frill Overbust Corset
    Maids Frill Overbust Corset
    As low as $51.99
  5. Lingerie Corsets - Black Satin Short Underbust Corset
    Black Satin Short Underbust ..
    As low as $51.99
  6. Satin Tutu Corset Black
    Satin Tutu Corset Black
    As low as $51.99
  7. Black Satin Bow Corset With G-String
    Black Satin Bow Corset With ..
    As low as $16.99 Regular Price $32.99
  8. Flame Pin-Up PVC Overbust Corset
    Flame Pin-Up PVC Overbust Co..
    As low as $77.99
  9. PVC Corsets - Black PVC Underbust Buckle Corset
    Black PVC Underbust Buckle C..
    As low as $64.99
  10. Black Fishnet Underbust Corset
    Black Fishnet Underbust Cors..
    As low as $51.99
  11. Lingerie Corsets - Black Faux Leather Long Underbust Corset
    Black Faux Leather Long Unde..
    As low as $51.99
  12. Leatherette Zip-Entry Overbust Buckle Corset
    Leatherette Zip-Entry Overbu..
    As low as $71.99
  13. Zip and Buckle Leather Underbust Corset
    Zip and Buckle Leather Under..
    As low as $90.99
  14. Red PVC Long Underbust Corset
    Red PVC Long Underbust Corse..
    As low as $71.99
  15. PVC Corsets - Classic Leatherette Underbust Corset
    Classic Leatherette Underbus..
    As low as $64.99
  16. Red PVC Underbust Corset
    Red PVC Underbust Corset
    As low as $58.99
  17. Long Overbust PVC Buckle Corset
    Long Overbust PVC Buckle Cor..
    As low as $77.99
  18. Pin-Up PVC Overbust Corset
    Pin-Up PVC Overbust Corset
    As low as $77.99
  19. Jessica Deep Cut PVC Overbust Corset
    Jessica Deep Cut PVC Overbus..
    As low as $71.99
  20. PVC Corsets - Black PVC Zip Underbust Corset
    Black PVC Zip Underbust Cors..
    As low as $64.99
  21. Leather Corsets - Leather Buckled Vanity Corset
    Leather Buckled Vanity Corse..
    As low as $84.99
  22. PVC Corsets - PVC Drusilla Spike Corset
    PVC Drusilla Spike Corset
    As low as $71.99
  23. Leather Corsets - Leather Studded Underbust Corset Black
    Leather Studded Underbust Co..
    As low as $97.99
  24. Captivity Corset
    Captivity Corset
    As low as $90.99
  25. Leather Corsets - Leather Vixen Underbust Corset
    Leather Vixen Underbust Cors..
    As low as $97.99
  26. Leather Corsets - Leather Buckled Waist Cincher
    Leather Buckled Waist Cinche..
    As low as $97.99
  27. Lingerie Corsets - Satin Waist Cincher Purple
    Satin Waist Cincher Purple
    As low as $24.99 Regular Price $49.99
  28. Frill Laced Trim Purple And Black Corset
    Frill Laced Trim Purple And ..
    As low as $29.99 Regular Price $58.99
  29. Brocade Zip Corset
    Brocade Zip Corset
    As low as $25.99 Regular Price $51.99
  30. Satin Waist Cincher Red
    Satin Waist Cincher Red
    As low as $24.99 Regular Price $49.99
  31. Leather Corsets - Leather Fantasy Corset
    Leather Fantasy Corset
    As low as $84.99
  32. Satin Waist Cincher Black
    Satin Waist Cincher Black
    As low as $24.99 Regular Price $49.99
  33. Leather Corsets - Mid-Knight Corset
    Mid-Knight Corset
    As low as $90.99
  34. PVC Corsets - PVC Buckled Waist Cincher
    PVC Buckled Waist Cincher
    As low as $71.99
  35. PVC Corsets - PVC Harlot Underbust Corset
    PVC Harlot Underbust Corset
    As low as $71.99
  36. PVC Corsets - Plus Size PVC Waist Cincher
    Plus Size PVC Waist Cincher
    As low as $71.99

Items 1-36 of 71

per page
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Corsets can look and feel fantastic and can be a lot of fun to wear whether it’s as part of a hot outfit for a night out or for a sexy party, or for wearing in private for an enticing encounter! At Honour, we have all kinds of sexy basques and corsets, and in this section of our online store you can find our wet look corset collection. Whether you want a daring merry widow corset, a stunning wet look basque, or steel boned corset tops lingerie, you’ll find just what you are looking for when you shop with Honour.

Take a look at this range for different colours and designs of wet look corset, and then, if you want other hot wet look lingerie or fetish wear to complete your look, have a look around the rest of our store to find gorgeous wet look dresses, seductive wet look underwear, fierce wet look catsuits, and much more. You can also find hot matching accessories like gloves, collars, masks, and cuffs to complement your new wet look corset.

When you order with Honour, you can choose from convenient shipping options, and all orders are sent out in discreet packaging. You can also take advantage of Klarna if you want to buy now and pay when your products have arrived.