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With our leather skirts and trousers, you'll be impossible to resist! Deck yourself out with a leather spanking skirt or leather chaps for when you're feeling your naughtiest, or spice up a casual outfit with a leather mini skirt.

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  1. Leatherette Pencil Skirt Black
    Leatherette Pencil Skirt Bla..
    As low as $54.99
  2. Leatherette Rachel Mini Skirt
    Leatherette Rachel Mini Skir..
    As low as $40.99
  3. Leather Skirts & Trousers - Leatherette Christina Mini Skirt
    Leatherette Christina Mini S..
    As low as $40.99
  4. Leatherette Spanking Skirt
    Leatherette Spanking Skirt
    As low as $60.99
  5. Leather Skirts & Trousers - Leather Mini Skirt
    Leather Mini Skirt
    As low as $51.99
  6. Leather Skirts & Trousers - Leather Laced Teaser Skirt
    Leather Laced Teaser Skirt
    As low as $58.99
  7. Black Leather Spanking Skirt
    Black Leather Spanking Skirt
    As low as $64.99
  8. Black Widow Lace Up Chaps
    Black Widow Lace Up Chaps
    As low as $142.99
  9. Christina Leather Chaps
    Christina Leather Chaps
    As low as $142.99
  10. Leather Skirts & Trousers - Leather Laced Hustler Skirt
    Leather Laced Hustler Skirt
    As low as $51.99
  11. Leather Skirts & Trousers - Leather Lace Up Shorts
    Leather Lace Up Shorts
    As low as $58.99
  12. Laced Teaser Leather Mini Skirt
    Laced Teaser Leather Mini Sk..
    As low as $58.99

12 Items

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Leather Skirts & Trousers

Leather fetish clothing can be a fierce and stylish choice for clubbing and parties and can also be a lot of fun to dress up in more private situations! If you are in search of the most seductive womens BDSM leather clothing around, we can give you the best in sexy leather skirts and trousers in this part of the Honour store.

This section of our online catalogue has all the designs of leather bondage skirt available now at Honour, featuring our spicy Honor Millburn skirts and plenty of other kinky looks. If you want to complete your fantasy BDSM leather outfit with other items such as kinky boots, gloves, a leather corset, or sexy leather accessories, then you should take a look around the rest of our leather womens fetish wear. We also have plenty of hot clothing in other materials like PVC, latex and wetlook fabrics.

BDSM Leather Clothing

Our company is among the UK’s favourite sites to visit for fashionable fetish clothing looks, an incredible choice of BDSM items and an awesome variety of sex toys, including products like vibrating sex toys, cock and ball toys, anal plugs, and all kinds of other stuff you can have fun with alone or with partners!