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Shop our cruelty-free range of leather look styles right here! From tops and jeans to lingerie and gloves, we have styles for men and women which look and feel great in skin-tight vegan leatherette.

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  1. Contessa Strappy Teddy
    Contessa Strappy Teddy
    As low as $50.99
  2. Madame Corset with Metal Studs
    Madame Corset with Metal Stu..
    As low as $42.99
  3. Leather Men's Tops - Caleb Leatherette Harness Top
    Caleb Leatherette Harness To..
    As low as $45.99
  4. Leather Men's Bottoms - Xander Fishnet & Leatherette O-Ring Boxers
    Xander Fishnet & Leatherette..
    As low as $38.99
  5. Leatherette Men's Military Top
    Leatherette Men's Military T..
    As low as $50.99 Regular Price $59.99
  6. Leather Men's Tops - Leatherette Short Sleeved Shirt Black
    Leatherette Short Sleeved Sh..
    As low as $64.99
  7. Leatherette Fitted Shirt
    Leatherette Fitted Shirt
    As low as $76.99
  8. Leatherette Men's Polo Top
    Leatherette Men's Polo Top
    As low as $59.99
  9. Leatherette Classic Cut Jeans
    Leatherette Classic Cut Jean..
    As low as $64.99
  10. Leather Men's Bottoms - Leatherette Jeans
    Leatherette Jeans
    As low as $64.99
  11. Leatherette Men's Shorts
    Leatherette Men's Shorts
    As low as $29.99
  12. Ladies Leatherette Shirt Black
    Ladies Leatherette Shirt Bla..
    As low as $68.99
  13. Leatherette Lady Jeans
    Leatherette Lady Jeans
    As low as $39.99 Regular Price $55.99
  14. Leatherette Pencil Skirt Black
    Leatherette Pencil Skirt Bla..
    As low as $45.99
  15. Leather Skirts & Trousers - Leatherette Christina Mini Skirt
    Leatherette Christina Mini S..
    As low as $32.99
  16. Leatherette Rachel Mini Skirt
    Leatherette Rachel Mini Skir..
    As low as $32.99
  17. Leatherette Spanking Skirt
    Leatherette Spanking Skirt
    As low as $50.99
  18. Leather Dresses - Roxy Mini Dress
    Roxy Mini Dress
    As low as $64.99
  19. Leather Gloves - Leatherette Gloves Black
    Leatherette Gloves Black
    As low as $29.99
  20. Urania Open Bust
    Urania Open Bust
    As low as $35.99
  21. Leatherette Beauty Basque
    Leatherette Beauty Basque
    As low as $51.99
  22. Leather Men's Bottoms - Dolph Gladiator Kilt
    Dolph Gladiator Kilt
    As low as $64.99
  23. PVC Mens Bottoms - Blade Harness Trousers
    Blade Harness Trousers
    As low as $116.99
  24. PVC Mens Tops - Rhod Micro Vest
    Rhod Micro Vest
    As low as $50.99
  25. Leather Dresses - Caroline Halter Dress
    Caroline Halter Dress
    As low as $90.99

28 Items

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