Latex Basques & Corsets

Latex Basques and Corsets. An item with a long history the corset is traditionally a garment which shapes, holds, and trains the body into a particular shape, usually to accentuate the waist or bottom, and, on occasion to draw attention to the bust. Sometimes the corset and waist training is for a short period but a number of corset enthusiasts seek to make permanent changes to their body. Mostly this modification of shape is done for the sake of fashion or appearance but also - though now less commonly - for medical reasons. Our range has been expanded to include latex basques and modern and vintage style corselettes, corset tops, and corset lingerie in a variety of styles and colourways. In addition we offer corset and basque style dresses with suspender clips to allow for the attachment and wearing of stockings both regular and latex. We also feature both open and closed styles of both basque and corsets to allow for exhibition of the breasts. In all cases our styles are designed to give the wearer a sleek, curvy, defined shape.
Latex Corsets