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  1. Latex T-Shirt
    Latex T-Shirt
    As low as $75.99
  2. Zip Front Sleeveless Latex T-Shirt
    Zip Front Sleeveless Latex T..
    As low as $82.99
  3. Latex Men's Tops - Zip Latex Jacket
    Zip Latex Jacket
    As low as $139.00
  4. Front Zip Latex Vest
    Front Zip Latex Vest
    As low as $83.99
  5. Sleeveless Latex T-Shirt
    Sleeveless Latex T-Shirt
    As low as $68.99
  6. Mens Front Zip Latex T-Shirt
    Mens Front Zip Latex T-Shirt
    As low as $98.00
  7. Latex Y-Back Singlet
    Latex Y-Back Singlet
    As low as $76.99
  8. Latex T-Shirt Green
    Latex T-Shirt Green
    As low as $75.99
  9. Black Latex Shirt
    Black Latex Shirt
    As low as $189.00
  10. Latex Men's Tops - Mens Army T-Shirt Green
    Mens Army T-Shirt Green
    As low as $75.99
  11. Latex Men's Tops - Mens Latex Round Neck Stripe T-Shirt Black & Red
    Mens Latex Round Neck Stripe..
    As low as $88.99
  12. White Latex Shirt
    White Latex Shirt
    As low as $189.00
  13. Latex Men's Tops - Polo Latex Shirt
    Polo Latex Shirt
    As low as $133.00
  14. Latex Slave T-Shirt
    Latex Slave T-Shirt
    As low as $119.00
  15. Latex Kinky T-Shirt
    Latex Kinky T-Shirt
    As low as $119.00
  16. Latex Men's Tops - Sleeveless Hoody with Zip - Black and Metallic Blue
    Sleeveless Hoody with Zip - ..
    As low as $161.00

16 Items

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Mens Latex Shirts & Tops

Latex clothing can be a hot way to get dressed up for kinky play, or a daring way to dress up for a wild night out or sexy party. If you would like to get alluring mens latex jacket designs or latex shirts for men, we can give you the perfect range to choose from. Check out the excellent Honour rubber and latex wear and club wear for sale here at Honour, featuring enticing items like our exciting red latex shirt. Remember that when you purchase items made from natural latex or rubber like a new latex shirt that they do require some extra special care and cleaning, so at Honour we also sell all of the best products for keeping your latex in great condition and looking sexy and shiny!

Honour has long been among the most trusted shops for stylish adult wear, expertly chosen tools and sex toys for women and men, including gel dildos, flesh lights, and electro sex toys to list just a few. When you have finished browsing our gorgeous collection of latex men’s clothing, why not also see what some of our other ranges have to offer?