Men's Latex

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  1. Latex Men's Tops - Latex Contrast Singlet
    Latex Contrast Singlet
    As low as $150.00
  2. Latex Cadet Shirt
    Latex Cadet Shirt
    As low as $180.00
  3. Latex Men's Bottoms - Latex Cadet Jeans
    Latex Cadet Jeans
    As low as $280.00
  4. Latex Men's Tops - Mens Latex Round Neck Stripe T-Shirt Black & Red
    Mens Latex Round Neck Stripe..
    As low as $57.99 Regular Price $76.99
  5. Front Zip Latex Catsuit With Feet
    Front Zip Latex Catsuit With..
    As low as $285.99
  6. Rubber Catsuit With Feet Gloves Mask & Sheath
    Rubber Catsuit With Feet Glo..
    As low as $298.99
  7. Seamless Fingerless Latex Gloves in Black
    Seamless Fingerless Latex Gl..
    As low as $20.99
  8. Latex Men's Bottoms - Cycle Armour Shorts
    Cycle Armour Shorts
    As low as $111.00
  9. Latex Men's Tops - Sleeveless Hoody with Zip - Black and Metallic Blue
    Sleeveless Hoody with Zip - ..
    As low as $146.00
  10. Latex Men's Catsuits - Male Latex Catsuit With Front Through Zip
    Male Latex Catsuit With Fron..
    As low as $258.99
  11. Latex Men's Bottoms - Ultimate Shorts - Metallic Blue and Black
    Ultimate Shorts - Metallic B..
    As low as $64.99
  12. Latex Men's Tops - Open Polo Reptile Shirt
    Open Polo Reptile Shirt
    As low as $189.00
  13. Latex Men's Bottoms - Board Shorts
    Board Shorts
    As low as $98.00 Regular Price $194.99
  14. Latex Men's Tops - Collared Circuit T-Shirt with Zip
    Collared Circuit T-Shirt wit..
    As low as $176.00
  15. Latex Men's Bottoms - Men's Thong Metallic Red
    Men's Thong Metallic Red
    As low as $31.99
  16. Latex Men's Tops - Black Raglan Latex T-Shirt With Red Sahara Sleeves
    Black Raglan Latex T-Shirt W..
    As low as $111.00
  17. Latex Men's Bottoms - Marble Blue Ultimate Latex Shorts
    Marble Blue Ultimate Latex S..
    As low as $71.99
  18. Latex Men's Tops - Marble Blue Collared Latex T-Shirt
    Marble Blue Collared Latex T..
    As low as $143.00
  19. Latex Men's Tops - Blue Collared Zip Latex T-Shirt
    Blue Collared Zip Latex T-Sh..
    As low as $134.00
  20. Latex Men's Bottoms - Black Ultimate Armour Latex Shorts
    Black Ultimate Armour Latex ..
    As low as $124.00
  21. Latex Men's Tops - Black Collared Armour Latex T-Shirt
    Black Collared Armour Latex ..
    As low as $176.00
  22. Latex Men's Bottoms - Light Blue & Black Ultimate Latex Shorts
    Light Blue & Black Ultimate ..
    As low as $64.99
  23. Latex Men's Tops - Red & Black Contrast Latex Shirt
    Red & Black Contrast Latex S..
    As low as $156.00
  24. Latex Men's Tops - Black Sleeveless Armour Zip Latex Hoody
    Black Sleeveless Armour Zip ..
    As low as $202.00
  25. Latex Men's Bottoms - Blue & Black Ultimate 2 Way Zip Latex Shorts
    Blue & Black Ultimate 2 Way ..
    As low as $134.00
  26. Latex Men's Tops - Black & Blue Uniform Latex Shirt
    Black & Blue Uniform Latex S..
    As low as $221.00
  27. Latex Mens Accessories - Latex Rubber Men's Belt Green
    Latex Rubber Men's Belt Gree..
    Special Price $22.99 Regular Price $32.99
  28. Latex Men's Bottoms - Red & Black Ultimate 2 Way Zip Latex Shorts
    Red & Black Ultimate 2 Way Z..
    As low as $134.00
  29. Latex Men's Bottoms - Black Heavy Latex Kilt
    Black Heavy Latex Kilt
    As low as $155.99
  30. Latex Men's Tops - Zip Latex Jacket
    Zip Latex Jacket
    As low as $123.99
  31. White Latex Shirt
    White Latex Shirt
    As low as $175.99
  32. Black Latex Shirt
    Black Latex Shirt
    As low as $175.99
  33. Latex Men's Bottoms - Latex Boxer Shorts Black
    Latex Boxer Shorts Black
    As low as $57.99 Regular Price $71.99
  34. Long Sleeved Latex T-Shirt
    Long Sleeved Latex T-Shirt
    As low as $84.99

Items 1-36 of 66

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Mens Latex

When you want the absolute best gay rubber clothing for men in the UK, has you covered! Whether you’re looking for fierce rubber clothes for hitting the clubs or dressing up for parties, or you want some hot BDSM latex for men to wear in private, we have just what you need in our massive selection of enticing gay rubber clothes. This fantastic selection we sell comes in a variety of colour and size options as well as fashionable, sexy styles, so you are certain to be able to order the hot latex for men gear you're hoping for when you shop with us.

Latex for Men

With over three decades in the business, Honour is one of the UK’s top places to shop for fetishwear, BDSM gear and sex toys, so why not take the chance to have a look around and discover what else we have in store while you are choosing your new latex men’s clothing? We have everything you need to act out your wildest fantasies and kinkiest BDSM scenarios, as well as for creating hot looks for parties and club wear. Take a look at our impressive selection of sex toys for men to find the perfect additions to your new outfit, or look out for hot bondage accessories like hoods, harnesses and nipple clamps!