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  1. Kelly Stripe Latex Suspender Dress
    Kelly Stripe Latex Suspender..
    As low as $128.99
  2. Latex Dresses - Dawn Freeze Latex Dress
    Dawn Freeze Latex Dress
    As low as $168.99
  3. Sweet Frost Latex Briefs
    Sweet Frost Latex Briefs
    As low as $50.99
  4. Latex Stockings & Suspenders - Snowstorm Latex Suspender Belt
    Snowstorm Latex Suspender Be..
    As low as $64.99
  5. High Neck Full Circle Latex Dress
    High Neck Full Circle Latex ..
    As low as $240.99
  6. Latex Skirts - Bebop Full Circle Latex Skirt
    Bebop Full Circle Latex Skir..
    As low as $103.99
  7. Lucille Pencil Latex Dress
    Lucille Pencil Latex Dress
    As low as $110.99
  8. Underwired Bordella Latex Bra
    Underwired Bordella Latex Br..
    As low as $58.99
  9. Sabrina Two Tone Latex Catsuit
    Sabrina Two Tone Latex Catsu..
    As low as $253.99
  10. Latex Stockings & Suspenders - Maelstrom Latex Girdle
    Maelstrom Latex Girdle
    As low as $84.99
  11. Latex Basques - Blackjack Teaser Basque
    Blackjack Teaser Basque
    As low as $103.99
  12. Latex Basques - Jill Panel Latex Suspender Dress
    Jill Panel Latex Suspender D..
    As low as $124.00
  13. Aurora Latex Pencil Skirt
    Aurora Latex Pencil Skirt
    As low as $97.99
  14. Broadway Latex Bra
    Broadway Latex Bra
    As low as $62.99
  15. Enigma Long-Sleeved Latex Body Black & Red
    Enigma Long-Sleeved Latex Bo..
    As low as $162.99
  16. Latex Dresses - Luna Vest Latex Dress Green
    Luna Vest Latex Dress Green
    As low as $77.99
  17. Laced Flash-Back Latex Dress
    Laced Flash-Back Latex Dress
    As low as $206.99
  18. Latex Dresses - Luna Vest Latex Dress Red
    Luna Vest Latex Dress Red
    As low as $77.99
  19. Luna Vest Latex Dress Pink
    Luna Vest Latex Dress Pink
    As low as $77.99
  20. Latex Dresses - Luna Vest Latex Dress
    Luna Vest Latex Dress
    As low as $77.99
  21. Latex Footless Stirrup Seamed Stockings
    Latex Footless Stirrup Seame..
    As low as $88.99
  22. Short Sleeve Latex Mini Dress with Silver Zipper
    Short Sleeve Latex Mini Dres..
    As low as $97.00 Regular Price $129.00
  23. Latex Side Split Lace Up Skirt
    Latex Side Split Lace Up Ski..
    As low as $104.00
  24. Latex Sweetheart Sculpted Top
    Latex Sweetheart Sculpted To..
    As low as $124.00
  25. Baroness Red Latex Body
    Baroness Red Latex Body
    As low as $123.99
  26. Classic Latex Catsuit in Black
    Classic Latex Catsuit in Bla..
    As low as $246.99
  27. Latex Knickers - Bombshell Latex Briefs
    Bombshell Latex Briefs
    As low as $50.99
  28. Datex Short With Open Crotch
    Datex Short With Open Crotch
    As low as $38.99
  29. Latex Footless Stirrup Trim Stockings Black/Red
    Latex Footless Stirrup Trim ..
    As low as $88.99
  30. Long Sleeve Latex Dress with Front Zipper
    Long Sleeve Latex Dress with..
    As low as $129.00
  31. Baroness Latex Body
    Baroness Latex Body
    As low as $123.99
  32. Silhouette Suspender Latex Dress
    Silhouette Suspender Latex D..
    As low as $128.99
  33. Latex Tops - Noir Panel Latex Blouse
    Noir Panel Latex Blouse
    As low as $136.99
  34. Hollywood Latex Frilled Skirt
    Hollywood Latex Frilled Skir..
    As low as $103.99
  35. Latex Leggings & Trousers - Black Datex Leggings
    Black Datex Leggings
    As low as $90.99
  36. Black Datex Open Crotch Shorts
    Black Datex Open Crotch Shor..
    As low as $38.99

Items 1-36 of 282

per page
Set Descending Direction

Latex Clothing

If you love the unique look and feel of latex, then you are certain to find all of the beautiful latex clothing you want right here at Honour. Whether you want a daring latex dress for parties or hitting the clubs, or you’re looking for latex sexy clothing to wear in private, you’ll find a huge range of colors, styles, and designs to choose from within our gorgeous collection.

Latex Fetish Clothing

Browse our range of sexy latex clothing for women and you will find sexy figure-hugging catsuits and bodies, playful minis, and shorts, hot basques, bras and corsets, as well as dresses, tops, and leggings. You can also find sexy latex accessories like gloves and collars. Our range features a variety of colors as well as classics like black and red, plus designs with fetish style details like buckles, rings, straps, and laces. These designs are available in the full range of different women’s sizes and have been created to be as comfortable and easy to wear as possible.

In addition to all of the stunning latex gear you need to create the look you want, we also supply the essential care and cleaning products you need to get the most out of your latex.

If you enjoy dressing up in sexy latex clothing, whether it's for clubs and parties, or to have fun wearing sexy outfits in private, Honour is the best place to come to find a wide range of alluring latex gear. In our range of stylish latex fetish clothing you will find a huge choice of sizes and colours, as well as designs featuring sexy fetish details like o-rings and laces.

Check out our range of latex clothing and rubber clothing to find gorgeous latex dresses, latex shorts and miniskirts, latex bras, corsets and basques, as well as latex bodysuits and catsuits. You can also find all of the accessories you need to complete your stunning latex look, including gloves, collars and masks.

With over 30 years as a retailer of erotic clothing, sex toys and fetish gear, Honour offers the best selection of latex clothing UK that you will find anywhere online. We also offer excellent customer care and flexible ways to pay including with credit or debit cards and with Klarna. If you need any help in placing your order, or in choosing which products you'd like to buy, then please use our online chat facility.