The art and beauty of Shibari bondage

The art and beauty of Shibari bondage}}

There are different levels to tying each other up. At one end of the spectrum, you have your fur-lined cuffs and silk scarves, with a loose knot or two made around your bedposts. At the other, you have the Japanese performance art of Shibari.

Shibari is stunning, elegant and exquisite.

For those who engage as part of their BDSM practice, it promotes patience, calm, discipline, and incredible amounts of skill. Aficionados experience adrenaline, pain through pleasure, and always, vast trust in their partner, as with all BDSM forms and practices. It’s both mental and physical. It’s beautiful artistry to watch and experience; and for those with a penchant for ropes, knots, restriction, or bondage play, it can elevate your practice to be one of the most arousing events you can choose to be part of or witness.

9 months ago

The Honour FAQ guide and glossary to BDSM

The Honour FAQ guide and glossary to BDSM}}

With so many toys on our website designed for bondage play and BDSM, if you’re not fully conversant with the practice, those four letters may have sparked a little interest.

If you’re a full-blown expert on the topic, you can probably skip this article. Still, if you’re a little inquisitive into letting yourself go in ways you haven’t already, or wondering how to start BDSM with your partner, then the following Q&A will provide a lot of the information you need.


f you’ve been dreaming of a hard spanking, love being rewarded for ‘being a good little girl (or boy)’, or if you’d like to take control of your partner and be the boss for a change, you’re in exactly the right place.

9 months ago

Becoming the best dominant you can be

Becoming the best dominant you can be}}

Playing the part of the dominant in a BDSM relationship takes a lot more work than slipping into something shiny, and shouting abuse at your cowering sub. To be able to deliver the behaviour your partner needs, to get everything they want from your sex sessions, you need to understand them, respect them, and pay attention to every little detail.

Only through careful communication and observation will you become a great dom. We’ve all got it in us to get our dom/domme on in the bedroom, but for those who want to dig a little deeper, to really understand how to be a good dom for their sub, read on...

9 months ago

Are you ready for a life of sex and submission?

Are you ready for a life of sex and submission}} Would you like to take a leap from a little slap and tickle to being tied up, paddled, and thrashed? Does the idea of being roped up, gagged, bound, and lashed, get you hot under the collar and wet everywhere else?

If you’re ready to take the plunge into BDSM, Honour’s ready with the answers you’ve been looking for.

What does submissive mean in BDSM?

We’re here, today, to talk about what it takes to be a sub in a dominant/submissive (Dom/sub, or most commonly labelled as D/s) relationship.

It’s a vast field of play (or playing field, if you like to take your whips and cuffs into the great outdoors) and because of that, there isn’t a hard and fast rulebook as such. Each couple will be different—each with their own limits, loves, and desires.

9 months ago