About Us

Established in 1988, Honour is a world leading fetish fashion brand, abundant in fantasy clothing, adult apparel, sex toys and specialist equipment.

The story started at our Waterloo shop in London where we sold mostly lingerie. Soon a market for more kinky clothing became apparent so it began to stock more fetish clothing and accessories. As we continued to expand our range, we began manufacturing our own clothing and are now considered connoisseurs in this craft.

Our Waterloo shop is still going strong today and, as our customer base has grown, we can now supply our quality clothing internationally in both retail and wholesale.

The launch of honour.co.uk in 1994 saw our company's size double, diversify and supply more customers with the products and services they require. Our secure website is constantly updated and designed with our customer in mind, making it simple to browse through and easy to shop on with confidence.

We also started selling Skintwo clothing in 2002, the beginning of our companionship with them, then in 2012 we successfully joined forces completely to combine into an ultra-comprehensive fetish company.

We constantly strive to add variety to our range and now offer a massive selection of kinky clothing like catsuits and dresses in latex, rubber, PVC, leatherette, leather and lycra. We also stock fantasy clothing like corsetry, lingerie, costumes, hosiery, gloves, wigs and shoes.

We have equipment to suit every toy and bondage player from amateurs to professionals. Our huge selection of whips, spankers, restraints, hoods, strap-ons, blindfolds, sex toys, clamps, accessories and furniture leaves you tied, teased and begging for more!

We operate from our head office and warehouse in Watford dispatching our produce worldwide. You can visit our showroom shop here in Watford and indulge in its luxurious interior, use our internet facilities, use our staff knowledge and all with access to purchase from our entire range and try before you buy!

Our objective is to provide a completely confidential service to our customers, selling quality products at competitive prices. As we continually endeavour to bring you the best service we can, we hope you are completely satisfied with your shopping experience at honour.co.uk.

We're always happy to hear your feedback so if you'd like to leave any comments or suggestions, please leave them in the “Any Questions” tab at the bottom of the page.

Keep Kinky!

All at Honour xx